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May 28, 2004
  Get familiar with FxCop.. Worried about any Bad code in .Net Application..FxCop is here to prevent.

FxCop, is a code analysis tool that checks managed code assemblies for conformance to Microsoft .NET Framework design guidelines. FxCop team has just released a new version, 1.30, that has many nice improvements and is considerably faster at analyzing large applications.

Here, I want to mention one thing..I was playing a role as white-box tester in one of my earlier project on .Net (Its a tough job!!). Code-Review analysis and reporting is one of the key task for a white-box tester, by making use of earlier FxCop version I managed to complete my task easily and more efficiently. Thanks to Gotdotnet where we got the FxCop tool.

Here in today's blog I am just going to list out the mail improvements and features in the new version of FxCop.

- Perform analysis through Introspection
- Faster code analysis and supports multithreaded analysis
- Ability to resolve missing dependencies
- Powerful dataflow analysis
- Many UI Improvements
- More rules, rule topics and rule fixes

To know more on FxCop 1.30, zap to the MSDN Magazine June 2004 issue.

For a complete list of new features visit FxCop Team Blog 

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