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May 14, 2004
  Me and my first blog! Like all books and application cover letters, an introduction to blog entry is bound to be usual, a standard and I can even say a tradition. So let's get it over with as quickly as possible.

I Varadarajan Sampath (prefer to call as Varad) am the author of this web log (blog). Since this blog will most likely be more towards the technical information, happenings around than any personal, I'll start with the professional side of my life: my current job is Systems Analyst on the Microsoft Technology Solutions at Satyam Computer Services (one of the premier IT Company in India), although I've been around working on Microsoft Technologies (6 years and counting) have done a variety of projects. I've been with Satyam Family for 3 years now, most of it closely associated with projects done for Microsoft using .Net and Pocket PC solutions. For a long while, my primary interest is on Architecture and Designing some innovative solutions using Microsoft .Net. Recently I've been focusing more on writing articles on ASP .Net, MS Compact Frame work etc along with .Net community activities. In my professional IT Career, I have worked with major clients like CGU Insurance, Merrill Lynch & StateFarm Insurance Companies. I had a very good experience working on these client projects, learnt a lot on my professional and personal improvements.

On the personal front, I live in Chennai, TN, INDIA (the world's largest democracy nation) with my parents. But when started this blog today (05/14/04), I am in US working on a client project. I do have a life outside of work, but I think let those details come into the blog naturally as interests rather than presenting that here in the first blog.

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