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May 17, 2004
  Microsoft and Continuous learning Sometimes I used to think like whether I did a mistake of choosing software carrier?!!. This is because all software majors especially Microsoft releasing new technology, new languages, updated versions etc day by day. This makes all software programmers and developers to keep on learning the latest stuff, sometimes I feel its a pain in butt.:-)
But on other side learning the latest keeps us brightest and best.

Ok..Coming to my today's blog..Microsoft has released new code names for the latest updates for its existing technologies. Introducing the new releases/updates to its great developers, Microsoft used to present them with jazzy code names..For e.g. SharePoint Portal Server was introduced with a code name as "TAHOE" (I remember the project GILS I did along with my mentor suman using SPS, those are gr8 days) and present My Services was introduced as "HAILSTORM" (I remember by then colleague swami who initiated a project on HailStorm, good stuff).

I just happen to know about the latest code names from Microsoft for its next release of software components and those are as follows:

Longhorn - This is the next release of Microsoft Windows Operating System.It is the first operating system built with managed code and the first to host a new storage sub-system (code named "WinFS") that revolutionizes the concept of a file system. The pages for Longhorn are written in a new declarative markup language, code-named (so many new stuff, lots to learn, right:) "XAML" (Extensible Application Markup Language). Each and every XAML tag corresponds to a .NET Framework class and comes with a collection of methods, properties and events. Longhorn represents a landmark in the history of Windows Operating System.

Explore Longhorn

Indigo - The upcoming version Longhorn will include a unified programming model and communications infrastructure for developing connected systems. This infrastructure is code named "Indigo". One of the key benefits of Indigo is it provides a unified programming model and protocol stack for all common language runtime (the great CLR)-based remoting technologies. Indigo is the next step in evolutionary path that started with COM, COM+ and MSMQ.

More on Indigo

Avalon - This is an integral part of Longhorn, consists mostly of a new collection of classes added to the .NET Framework. The most important new namespace for Avalon programming currently have names like MSAvalon.Windows, MSAvalon.Windows.Controls and MSAvalon.Windows.Media (These might change before long horn reaches final release). We can mention this as a presentation subsystem in the next version of Windows.

Learn more about Avalon here

Last but not the least

WinFS - This is a revolutionary File Storage System that lets users search and manage files based on content. As mentioned in Longhorn para earlier, this comes with the next version of Windows allows users to perform search based on metadata irrespective of type of file or creator of the file. This is going to be the basic building block for all applications on Longhorn. One small feature of WinFS, When you copy a Word document to your My Documents folder or some where in the work station which is running WinFS, information about the file will be put into the WinFS store so that applications can perform searches based on the files properties. We can say that WinFS is an advanced version of Share Point Portal Server with respect to document searching.

Check out more on WinFS here

More here too WinFS

But there is still some thing named as YUKON and WHIDBEY..I did not get a chance to read on these..Will write more on this sometime later..Lots of stuff to learn..hah!!

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