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May 15, 2004
  The Power of Community In the programming world (as I am a programmer developer), new technologies are brought to our attention almost every day (especially from Microsoft). Every now and then, however, a new technology comes along that generates enough excitement in the development community that we spend our days and night mastering it. It takes a special technology to inspire this kind of commintment and for many in the development community, .NET is one of those technologies.

Community is a force in itself. Community just happens. By Community I mean here is a User Group. Almost from the moment .NET was introduced at the Professional Developer's Conference (PDC) 2000, .NET user group started popping up all over the world. Myself and my project team started working on .NET PDC version and developed many applications by then. Microsoft didn't go out and started these groups-they just happened. .NET is one of those rare technologies that has everyone motivated. These user group make their group members to share their .NET Experience with other peers. The success of the community replicated all across INDIA and around the world. Today there are user groups in almost every major cities from Chennai to Bangalore to Kolkatta to Cochin.

In the end, community does what community has always done: It captures your excitement and spreads it to others. Its a wonderful experience.

I want to mention here about activities I am involved in .Net User Groups, I am one of the Managers of .Net Bloomington User Group(we call it as .Net-BUG!!)

Also, I am an active member of the following .Net user groups:

.Net User Group Chennai
.Net User Group Bangalore
.Net User Group Hyderabad
.Net User Group Ahmedabad
.Net User Group Mumbai
.Net User Group Indore

I invite all my friends, .NET enthusiasts to join their local user group and feel the excitement and learn by experience.
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