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May 18, 2004
  Unit Test .Net Application using NUnit Hope many people, fellow .Net developers might heard about this great tool NUnit. I have used NUnit for one of the .Net testing project that I was working before joining the current project in US. This is a clean tool and make the unit testing of our .Net code so easy. NUnit enables to write tests and not worry too much about how we’re going to get back their results.

Currently at version 2.1, NUnit provides us with a set of base classes and attributes that enable us to abstract away our unit tests and concentrate on the code that actually does the testing. The beautiful thing is that moving from our current coding/testing style to NUnit style requires little learning and is very easy to master.

So how do we turn our code using NUnit style?

- Download and install NUnit (free download at
- Add a reference to the nunit.framework.dll to our testing project.
- Add a using clause for the NUnit.Framework workspace in a new class file.

This is very useful and a must to use tool for all .Net developers...

Get more information on NUnit features and usage @ MSDN Magazine April 2004 Edition

An article by Steven A. Smith on the unit-testing tool ans .NET
Get Test Infected with NUnit: Unit Test Your .NET Data Access Layer

More on NUnit official site here

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