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May 19, 2004
  Visual Studio .Net - Code Name "Whidbey" Earlier in one of my blog, I was mentioning about the code name "Whidbey". Now I got a chance to explore the features and updates we got on Microsoft's next release of Visual Studio .Net ("Whidbey"). The code name for next version of Visual Studio is "Orcas" (What is it??).

As Microsoft says, The code name "Whidbey" release of Visual Studio will radically improve developer productivity while continuing to provide full access to the Microsoft .NET Framework.
This release of Visual Studio and the Microsoft .NET Framework offers innovations and enhancements to the class libraries, common language runtime (CLR), programming languages, and the integrated development environment (IDE). In addition, this product also provides a deep support for next release of SQL Server code name "Yukon" by enabling developers to write stored procedures using managed code. Now we can even say that our SQL Stored Procedures are also managed.

Microsoft Developer Tool Roadmap

This release of Visual Studio 2005 ships with .Net Framework 2.0, the current version of Visual Studio 2003 has got .Net Framework 1.1.

Get more about Whidbey here

In my earlier blog on "ASP .Net 2.0 - Revealed", This 2.0 version of ASP .Net is what expected on Whidbey. Now about the new language enhancements to C# on Whidbey, the Whidbey release of C# will support generics, iterators, partial types, and anonymous methods. New compiler features for Whidbey enable developers to do things like disable compiler warnings directly in code or verify ECMA/ISO conformance. Whidbey will also include several productivity enhancements include refactoring, code expansions, code formatting, enhanced IntelliSense, and much more. The debugging experience has also been improved with new features like enhanced datatips, debugger visualizers, design-time expression evaluation, and more.

The Top 10 best features introduced in Visual Studio .NET Whidbey are:

1. Refactoring
2. Edit and Continue
3. ClickOnce
4. Smart Tags
5. Code Snippets
6. Exporting IDE Settings
7. Line Revision Marks
8. Temporary Projects
9. Data Inspection Improvements
10. Docking Window Changes

Visit Here for A Programmer's Introduction to Visual Studio .NET "Whidbey"
Know more on C# capabilities available in Whidbey here

Soon I will be getting some findings on the next release of SQL Server "YUKON" and will be posting it here very quick!!
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