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June 02, 2004
  Any etiquette rules on blogging? Today, when I was going thru The Galactic Patrol by Brian Williams, I noticed a post who is Bipin?. This is an information and it is a must for bloggers to know. After reading the comments provided by others on this, I was wondering about, Is there any etiquette rules on blogging? I don't think it is needed for blog. Because all bloggers know about blogging and understands its power (there are some exceptions!!). This post provides more of it.

Here I want to mention about my own post on blogs tilted Bill Gates on Blogs. For me, Blog is all about an individuals own thought and sharing them all with peers. Here there is no scene of C&P, but can have a reference to some others blog. These reference should just include some points about the post and provide link to the blog. That would be more professionalistic.

Finally, I prefer monitor myself carefully while posting any blog in order to avoid the situation encountered by Brian.

Hope everybody will... 
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