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June 19, 2004
  Google on Microsoft! I do not know if everyone know this before, I just came across in Google a separate page to search only on Microsoft-Related information and sites. When you do a search on any phrase or text, it finds results from MSDN, or any related sites having information about Microsoft. For me its new finding and surprise too!

Check out for yourself @ here

After noticing this in Google, next thing what I did was checked for the similar URL on Sun ( and IBM ( it gave 404 error.

If you guys come across anything other than Microsoft, let me know!!
If you install the Google toolbar for IE, go to Options, go to the More tab and select "Include special searches on search menu", you will find Linux, BSD Unix, US Government, Apple and Microsoft-specific seaches.
That's right. But what I mentioned was, If we type in the URL as the case of Microsoft you get 404 error.

So what I felt was Google has provided a special case for Microsoft on specific search.
Try this URL:
Google has started this feature 3 years back.
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