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June 01, 2004
  Interpersonal Skills In today's world (IT world, I can say),

As organizational hierarchies become a thing of the past and companies depend on teams to get the work done, building good relationships and cultivating influence in order to secure the results have become essential survival skills. Whether you are dealing with a boss, colleague or staff members with their own managers, winning their respect and cooperation is absolutely essential if you want people who do not work for you often from other departments to help you get things done. Successfully influencing people begins with the way you think about them. Looking at others as potential allies and partners and developing a give-and-take relationship with them produces results!

Now a days most of the global software companies are looking for and hiring people with good analytical and interpersonal skills. As the amount of work to be accomplished in today's work environments has increased as fast as the technological advances, Since the work to be done is often complex, requiring the expertise of several individuals, teams are formed to meet deadlines, project requirements, and budgets.

I found a nice place on internet that describes about Developing Interpersonal Skills and various factors. It also provides so many internet resources for various skills development.

This is a nice one and very interesting to learn..

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