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June 06, 2004
  Moblogging..?! It's a good one..

This is a wonderful stuff for the current Mobile Camera Phone trend...

What is moblog?
A moblog is a 'mobile blog' or 'photo journal' comprised of camera phone pictures that are posted direct to the internet from your mobile phone.

For more information navigate to TextAmerica

Once you have created your Moblog you will be given 2 important items, the URL where your Moblog is located and an email address. Just add the email address to your contacts section on your camera phone, then when you want to post a picture to your Moblog just send it to that email address. The pictures will appear instantly on your Moblog online.

all for FREE!!

I have not tried it yet, but I got this information from a valuable source..:)

Hope this will be very useful for many with camera phone!!

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