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June 01, 2004
  My latest contribution @ MSDN INDIA (06/01/04).. As I mentioned in my earlier blog about my preparation on an article in Cryptography and .Net, I finished compiling the article and contributed to MSDN INDIA 2 weeks before. Now my new article Secret-Key Encryption Cryptography in Microsoft .NET is published. I have also provided a sample code on using Secret-key encryption. You need to have a passport (hotmail or msn ID) to view the article.

When I was preparing the article on Cryptography and Microsoft .Net, I found there are so many topics to be covered under this title. Including all these topics in one will make the single article a lengthy document to present in MSDN and it wont be good enough to read. So I thought of splitting the whole title on Cryptography into different sections like Private (Secret) Key Encryption, Public Key encryption, Cryptograhic Signing, Hashes, Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA) etc.

Hope I can able to complete the topics on these titles very soon and contribute the same to MSDN INDIA. These topics would be very interesting and important to learn as well. 

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