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June 07, 2004
  Resources (.NET) for Java developers @ MSDN As we all know about the development of IT solutions for industries is currently dominated by two technologies: Microsoft .NET and Java. To cope up with scope of developers world wide on both Microsoft .NET and Java, Microsoft has launched the Resources for Java Developers center to provide a collection of resources for Java developers interested in interoperability, migration, and development with the .NET Framework.

The following are the resources that are available for Java developers at present:

- Java Interoperability Resources
- C# Language for the Java Developer
- Migration Resources
- Tutorials and Walkthroughs
- Starter Kits
- Tools to Get Started
- Third Party Tools
- Patterns and Practices

Hope we will get more in near future...

Note: According to a recent survey, 56% of enterprises will be using the .NET Framework as their primary development environment in 2005.

via Abhishek
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