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June 04, 2004
  Visual Basic .NET Language Specification Paul Vick's VB.NET book is here for download. In this book he provides a complete description of Visual Basic .NET language. There is also a link to C# Language Specification book as well when scroll down the page. I found the book a year back (May 2003, I believe) when I was going through the Visual Basic Developer Center at MSDN and then Visual Basic Related Blogs link, under Paul Vick's blog. Since I started blogging recently, wanted to mention about this here (even though i's too late!!) now.

Many thanks to Paul and Duncan Mackenzie for making me to grab the good book.

My personal comments about the book,

It's very descriptive and the information provided about Visual Basic .NET language would benefit the beginners effectively. Overall, it's very interesting and useful.

Hope to get more like this from PaulV. :)
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