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August 30, 2004
  Turn on AutoCompletion... Have you ever been typing a file path in the run command and had to hit the down arrow to select the file you want from the drop down list? Wouldn't it be better if as you typed it automatically filled in the text for you?

The run command uses the SHAutoComplete interface which is also how IE and most other auto completing text/combo boxes in windows do auto complete. By default the auto complete mode is set to suggest only, meaning just give a drop down of items that match what I have typed. There is also an auto complete mode to append, which automatically fills in the text with the closest match from the suggest list. The append mode is turned off by default but you can enable it by going to Internet Options > Advanced, and checking the box next to Use inline AutoComplete, or if you like you can change it in the registry Change the Auto Complete Mode. Now when you type paths in the run command, open/save dialogs, IE address bar, and others that use the default auto complete registry settings you will have both the suggest and append mode.

On a side note the textbox and combobox in .Net 2.0 also have auto complete functionality using the same SHAutoComplete underneath. The one thing I don't like about the new auto complete functionality in .Net 2.0 is that the dropdown width is set to the width of the textbox and you can't change it in code, at least I couldn't figure out how, this forced me to implement my own auto complete functionality.

Visit, if you are interested in the registry I highly recommend this site, it is one of my favorites.  
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